University of Findlay Scholarships for International Students in the USA

There is no denying in mentioning that international students are quite inclined toward studying in the United States. Every other student from all parts of the world would like to get enrolled at prestigious U.S. universities. The standard of education, wider scope of academic subjects, talented teaching faculties, and most importantly scholarships and financial aid facilities drag the students toward studying there. If you happen to be passionate about studying in the U.S., there is an opportunity that is also wrapped with scholarship opportunities out there to avail. Let’s learn details about the University of Findlay Scholarships for international students so that you can then apply for them.

The University of Findlay Scholarships for International Students

The university is popular for offering scholarship opportunities to students so that they can focus more on their studies. If you have worked hard to earn good grades and advance your education, the University of Findlay is always there to help you out. It believes in recognizing students’ hard work through scholarships offered to undergraduate and graduate students.

The University of Findlay scholarships are based on the applicant’s cumulative grade point average and graduate students even can earn additional scholarships for getting good scores on their GRE or GMAT tests.

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About the University of Findlay (United States)

It was established in 1882. Located in the city of Findlay (Ohio), The University of Findlay is a private, small university. It offers various programs such as sciences, business, computer science and analytics, nuclear medicine, and environmental health. The University of Findlay ranking is 332 according to the U.S. News.

Eligibility Criteria for the University of Findlay Scholarships for International Students

Since these scholarships are awarded through the admission process, if you are interested you then need to check your eligibility under your selected study program’s requirements/eligibility criteria.

Associated Financial Benefits

There are various scholarships available for you. You may use the following chart to estimate your scholarship based on your GPA and study program.

Undergraduate Merit Scholarships

Scholarship Name

GPA Requirement

Amount of Scholarship

Presidential Scholarship


$19,000 per year (renewable each year)

Trustee Scholarship

3.95 or higher

​$21,000 per year (renewable each year)

Findlay Award

2.75 – 3.49

$15,000 per year (renewable each year)

Dean’s Scholarship


$17,000 per year (renewable each year)

International Scholar Award

2.0 – 2.74

$12,000 per year (renewable each year​​)

Graduate Student Scholarships

MBA Scholar

$2,000 over course of your study program

Graduate Student Scholarship (conferred/awarded to all graduate students)


Master’s Environmental, Safety and Health Management Scholarship

$2,000 over course of your study program

GMAT Scholarship (conferred/awarded for earning a score of 550 or higher on the GMAT)

​$1,000 over the course of your study program​

GRE Scholarship (conferred/awarded for earning a score of 300 or higher on the GRE)

$1,000 over the course of your study program

Additional Scholarships

Sibling Scholarship

$500 per year per sibling attending the University of Findlay at the same time

Intensive English Language Program

$1,500 per year (renewable)

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Closing Dates for Applications

There is no separate application required for scholarships, you will be evaluated under the admission procedure. If you like to apply, you need to follow the admission deadlines mentioned below:

  • Deadline for Spring Application: 10th November
  • Deadline for Summer Application: 1st April
  • Deadline for Fall Application: 20th June

How to Apply for the University of Findlay Scholarships for International Students

As we have mentioned in the post earlier there is no separate application required to be submitted for scholarships, therefore, they will be awarded automatically as part of the admittance procedure. If you like to avail any of the above-mentioned scholarships, you need to apply for the eligible study program by following the eligibility and application instructions. Besides, you may also visit the official call for these scholarships for more clarification.

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