Nomads Skillshare Scholarships Program, Applications are Open

With Nomads Skillshare, you may have online and in-person courses conducted and delivered by the top teachers in their respective fields. Nomad lives attract, as it endows you with the ability to travel and work by living the lives you imagine and dream. The world is becoming a global village and this type of life has made the people global citizens. Nomads Skillshare is on way to provide opportunities to learn to succeed in careers. The courses are set to enhance your career and boost up your career goals. If you are interested in taking up and also want to apply for the scholarship at the same time, you should learn details about the Nomads Skillshare Scholarships Program. You may get information now to learn in detail.

Relevant Details about the Nomads Skillshare Scholarships Program

There are various programs delivered for enthusiastic learners. If you are interested in applying and the desire to go with emerges within you and you are not able to afford it at the same time, then this scholarship is for you.

As part of its Skillshare with Impact Scholarship Program, the opportunity to avail scholarship is available for local communities so that they can learn digital skills at an affordable (economical) rate. Currently, the scholarship program begins from Indonesia.

The purpose of this scholarship opportunity is to give back to local communities which is called home away from home. The platform wants to provide support to global citizens to learn novel skills while simultaneously empowering locals to do the same. These scholarships are available for local communities so that they can learn digital skills at reasonable rate, no matter where they are.

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About the Programs

The programs grow your knowledge and boost your professional growth. The students or the learners are taught a variety of skills through online courses and in-person workshops conducted in Bali in Indonesia to provide support for their personal and professional growth from local and world communities. There are numerous learning opportunities that students can choose from

Available Courses

Following are the courses available to learn or undertake.

  • How to Get Your Dream Online Job
  • How to Become a Virtual Assistant
  • How to Become a Social Media Manager

Requirements for Applications

  • Laptop
  • English (Intermediate Level)
  • Age (minimum 18 years)
  • Time commitment and dedication
  • Great work ethics

Note: You will be asked to record a short video answering the below-mentioned questions (as part of your application process):

  • Why do you want to undertake this course?
  • Why do you think that you happen to be the most qualified applicant for this scholarship?
  • What are your professional goals?

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Financial Benefits Associated with This Scholarship

Indonesian (local Indonesians) are eligible to apply for this scholarship to join any one of the above-mentioned self-paced online courses. They could receive 80% funding.

Deadline to Submit the Applications

There is no last date for application submission.

How to Apply for the Nomads Skillshare Scholarships Program

If you are geared up to empower yourself and start the life you imagined, then this is the time to apply for this scholarship opportunity. Visit the official call to learn details and apply for a scholarship. Follow the instructions to submit your application.

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