Knight-Hennessy Scholars (Scholarship) Announced to Study in USA (Fully Funded)

The much-awaited Knight-Hennessy Scholars program conducted by Stanford University in the USA has approached and the applications can now be submitted. If you have been looking for it and are interested, you may now learn all the details and apply accordingly. All Knight-Hennessy scholars apply and are selected for admission. You should be aware that obtaining admission is the start of a new journey to greater leadership as a scholar, it happens to be the culmination of the effort you dedicate to your application. Interested candidates may now get complete details about the open opportunity – Knight-Hennessy Scholars Stanford University program ahead in the article.

Knight-Hennessy Scholars Stanford University – Details

Submitting applications to the Knight-Hennessy Scholars (KHS) is not simply checking off the requirements list. Besides, there is no specific formula for admission, and there are no achievements, scores, or stories that automatically qualify you for admission.  Instead, the Knight-Hennessy Scholars application happens to be an invitation to show how you showcase the qualities the administration (KHS) seeks in ways that are distinct and unique to you.

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Eligibility Criteria for Stanford University Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program

There are no restrictions based on age, college or university, career aspiration, or field of study. Citizens and residents of all countries are encouraged to apply. KHS does not require you to seek endorsements from your universities, colleges, or other institutions. In addition to all, there are no quotas by program or discipline.

Applicants are required to meet the two baseline eligibility requirements (Knight-Hennessy Scholarship Requirements).

Admission to Stanford University – Requirement One

In addition to applying to Knight-Hennessy Scholars (KHS), the applicants have to apply to, be accepted by, and enroll in a full-time Stanford graduate degree program including, but not limited to, JD, DMA, MBA, MA, MFA, MD, MS, MPP, or PhD programs. The applicants are required to meet at least one of the below-mentioned four conditions:

  • They are applying separately but concurrently to Knight-Hennessy Scholars and a full-time Stanford graduate degree program such that they will begin both in similar (same) year.
  • They have been offered already and deferred admission to a full-time Stanford graduate degree program and will apply to Knight-Hennessy Scholars such that they will begin both in the same year.
  • They are present Stanford graduate students who will apply to add a second full-time Stanford graduate degree program such that they will begin both Knight-Hennessy Scholars and the new program in the same year.
  • They are present Stanford PhD students in their first enrollment year and will apply to Knight-Hennessy Scholars such that they will begin in their second year of PhD enrollment.

Note: The applicants cannot apply to the following Stanford graduate degree programs as they are not eligible for KHS.

  • Applicants to the Master of Liberal Arts
  • Applicants to the Honors Cooperative Program
  • Applicants to the Doctor of Science of Law (JSD)
  • Present Stanford PhD students adding an MA or MS degree in their current discipline.
  • Present Stanford students applying for coterminal graduate study.

Undergraduate Degree Date – Requirement Two

The applicant must have obtained in January 2018 or later, a United States bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a university or college of recognized standing.

If the applicants would like to join the cohort in 2025: They must have obtained their first bachelor’s degree by 2018 or later.

For those applicants who have served in the military, KHS extends their eligibility window by 2 years in acknowledgment of longer service commitments, they must have obtained their degree in January 2016 or later to enroll in 2025. Present college students are eligible if they will earn their first degree by September 2025. Within the window of eligibility, KHS does not give preference based on degree recency.

Financial Benefits for Knight-Hennessy Scholars 2024

  • KHS scholars will be offered funding for up to 3 years for any graduate degree(s) at Stanford University. This available funding will be applied to the degree(s) to which the scholars are preparing to enroll at the time of selection of scholars.
  • During the time of graduate study (each of the first three years of graduate study), KHS scholars will get several kinds of funding such as:
  • A stipend is to be provided for living and academic expenditures (like room and board, academic supplies, books, local transportation, instructional material, and reasonable personal expenses).
  • A fellowship applied directly for the coverage of associated fees and tuition.
  • Stipend for travel intended for the coverage of an economy-class ticket for one annual trip to and from Stanford. For complete financial support, you may check out the details on the official webpage.

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Deadline for Application Submission

For the Knight-Hennessy Scholars application submission, the deadline is 9th October 2024. This deadline is the same for all applicants regardless of the graduate degree program to which the applicants are going to apply.

How to Apply for Knight-Hennessy Scholars Stanford University 

If you are interested and eligible to apply for this opportunity, you are advised to go through the complete details on the official announcement and understand every detail, then you may apply using the apply button available on the official announcement.

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