Estonian Business School Double Degree Master’s Programme (Study in Estonia and Belgium) – Scholarships Are Also Available

Would you like to get a double degree programme? Are you interested in obtaining a dual degree (double degree)? If yes and you like to earn this degree from Europe, then there is an opportunity geared up for you. The Estonian Business School in Estonia offers this impressive opportunity for you. As far as the Estonian Business School is concerned, it is a private, higher education university located in Tallinn (Estonia). EBS offers business-related education at the Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral levels. Let’s get details now about the Estonian Business School Double Degree Master’s Programme ahead in this post.

Relevant Details about the Estonian Business School Double Degree Master’s Programme

Well, doesn’t it entice you – two countries, two years, two degrees, two universities, and two cities? This two-year double degree MA programme is offered by The Estonian Business School and the University of Liège (Belgium). This program offers the students a novel opportunity to expand their international network. If you get this opportunity, you will be able to study in Estonia and then study in Belgium. It is surely an amazing and mind-blowing opportunity.

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Prgramme Overview of Masters in Business Innovation and Marketing (2 Years Double Degree)

This is a collaborative venture done by the Estonian Business School and the University of Liège. It is actually a Master’s study program by EBS (Estonia) that offers its students to study in the second year of the programme at the partner university (University of Liège) in Belgium. EBS is among the best business schools in Europe and the University of Liège is a renowned high-ranked university in Belgium. The joint venture degree will provide you with utter benefits in the market.

The students will set the foundations of their studies during their first year at EBS pouring their focus on business innovation and research methods. After you complete your first year, you will then spend your second year at the partner university ‘The University of Liège’ in Belgium taking specialization courses. The specialization courses will focus on marketing and consist of topics like Sustainability, Consumer Behaviour and Digital Marketing, and CSR. The best of the programme is that you will be awarded two MA degrees from EBS and the University of Liège within two years of studying.

Brief Details Regarding the Estonian Business School Double Degree Master’s Programme 

The following are the details in a brief manner for the ease and understanding of all students.

Countries to Study in: Estonia and Belgium

Study Period: Two Years

Study Program: Double Degree

Volume of Studies: 120 ECTS

Language of Instruction: English

Format of Study: Session-Based Studies

Main University: Estonian Business School

Partner University: University of Liège

Degree Awarded: Master of Arts in Social Sciences

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Main Features of the Study Programme

  • It enables you to build up an international network and supports your career ambitions.
  • You will get a comprehensive understanding of the fields such as business innovation.
  • Marketing specialization will equip you with skills and knowledge to apply in the field.
  • You will get a big exposure while studying at two different universities in two different countries.
  • You will be able to combine theory and practice during your studies.
  • Double degree means you will receive two degrees upon graduation from EBS and the University of Liège.

Suitable Candidate for This Programme

  • You need to possess a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Management, or Economics or you need to have an equivalent qualification.
  • You should demonstrate your drive in a catchy application, addressing the following (2 pages):
  • Reflection on the programme topic, in which you make a connection on your own career ambitions to business innovation, internationalization, and marketing.
  • Reflection on how this particular programme and the international experience will generate a vast impact beyond your organizational and personal goals.
  • You need to complete an admission interview at Estonian Business School.
  • You should have enough proficiency in English like B2 level.

Admission Process for the Estonian Business School Double Degree Master’s Programme

Requirements for Admission: If you are an international student/applicant, you need to check the requirements before applying. The local applicants should visit the requirements page to learn all the details.

Country-Specific Requirements: For international qualifications, the specific requirements for international qualification can be checked on the official website to move further.

Frequently Asked Questions for Admission Process: All relevant answers to frequently asked questions regarding the admission procedure for international students should be checked.

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Scholarships are Also Available

There are scholarship opportunities available to students offered by EBS. The Estonian Business School confers scholarships to Bachelor, Master’s, and Doctoral first-year students, whose earlier (previous) academic achievements, social engagement, study motivation, and ambition are considered worth recognition in particular.

EBS offers scholarships to applicants who enrich the learning experience of their fellow students. Applicants, who have been offered positive admission decisions (conditional acceptance or acceptance), are considered for outstanding applicants’ scholarships.

How to Apply for Scholarship Opportunity

When you apply for the scholarship, you will be provided with a case study to solve. This task will ask you to show your management competencies plus your ability to analyze information. The case study length will be a maximum of 1 A4. The case study solution should be sent to by July 18.

Criteria and How Much Scholarship to Be Awarded

  • Your submitted application in SAIS/DreamApply and admission interview results will be considered. Further evaluation criteria involve ambition, motivation, and argumentation.
  • You will be offered the scholarship for one academic year. It will be a partial or full refund of the tuition fees.
  • Chosen candidates will be awarded the scholarship by July 25th.

Important Deadlines for Admissions

  • The beginning of the admission round for the academic year 2024-25 is 1st February 2024.
  • The deadline for applications for Estonia and Finland nationals in SAIS and DreamApply is 18 March 2024. The admission interviews will take place at the EBS Tallin Campus.
  • The deadline for international students (non-EU nationals) in DreamApply for the academic year 2024-25 is 1st April 2024.
  • The deadline for applications for USA, EU, Canada, Turkey, Japan, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine in DreamApply is 1st

How to Apply for the Estonian Business School Double Degree Master’s Programme

If you like to get admission to this MA Double Degree Programme, you then need to follow the step-by-step guide for international students. Local and other students should visit the official webpage for admission where complete details for European and other international students are available.

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