Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP) – Mobility for Higher Education – Bigger Opportunities for Students, Faculty & Administrative Staff

Do you want to participate in the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP)? Have you heard about it? If yes, you must be aware of the surprising and mammoth benefits this program is laced with. The Swiss Programme for Erasmus+ for higher education is called the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP). This programme endows Swiss higher education institutions with the possibility to provide funding for students as well as for administrative staff and faculty going on mobility abroad for studies, training, traineeship, or teaching. If you are interested in this marvelous opportunity of Mobility for Higher Education: Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP), you should then learn complete details to move ahead with your application.

Relevant Details Regarding Mobility for Higher Education: Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP)

As mentioned in earlier lines the programme gives the Swiss higher education institutions the possibility to offer funds for students, faculty, and administrative staff going on mobility abroad for traineeship, studies, teaching, or training.

Movetia funds and supports mobility and exchange projects and activities in the field of education and training both abroad and in Switzerland and both in the extracurricular sphere and in schools.

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About Movetia

It is the national (Swiss) agency for exchange and mobility. The Swiss Foundation sponsors it for the promotion of exchanges and mobility. Movetia really likes all youngsters to participate in an extended exchange and mobility scheme at least once during the time period of their education.

Who is Eligible to Participate in Mobility for Higher Education: Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP)?

Students – They can complete a study visit at a partner HEI (higher education institution) abroad for a period of up to 12 months per study cycle (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate/PhD). As far as these visits are concerned, they are recognized for studies at their own higher education institution (HEI).

Students and Graduates – They can complete a traineeship in a suitable workplace or a business enterprise abroad for the duration of up to 12 months per study cycle (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate/PhD).

Lecturers – They can get the opportunity to teach in another country for a duration of up to 2 months. The best thing is that it can be possible in any faculty.

HEI Staff – The HEI staff can get support in their professional development via training and job shadowing at a partner higher education institution or at any other related institution located abroad.

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What Should Interested People Do – The Procedure

If you happen to be one of these people (as mentioned above) and you are interested, what is the procedure? Let’s find out the process.

  • You need to contact the International Relations Office of your HEI such as a higher education institution, university, or college of higher education. From there, you will be able to receive all the practical information (required and necessary) concerning the SEMP like the applicant’s eligibility requirements, deadlines for registration, the documents that need completion, and the details of the financial funding.
  • The International Relations Office will also inform the students and lecturers about the institutions abroad with which a partnership exists for example which places you may travel to.
  • There is additional funding available for people with documented health problems (physical or mental) or who have disabilities. They can apply for additional funding with their institution’s international relations office for the coverage of extra expenses (costs) arising during the mobility in relation to their illness or disability.

How are the Mobilities Organized?

Well, the higher education institution normally has an international office that happens to be responsible to organize and carry out student and staff mobility. Therefore, lecturers, students, and employees who are interested in finding out the possibilities of spending a specific period abroad need to contact the international relations office of the HEI. They will be properly guided for the registration, deadlines, applications, requirements, etc. for the Mobility for Higher Education: Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP).

Who is Entitled to Submit an Application to Movetia?

It is to be noted that students or HEI staff cannot directly submit the SEMP mobility projects but the SEMP mobility projects can be submitted by the Swiss higher education institutions to the National Agency Movetia. The rule also applies to incoming mobility.

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Incoming Mobility – What, How and Where?

This needs to be noted that the HEI staff and students coming to Switzerland from abroad will also be supported through SEMP. As far as traineeships are concerned, they have to be organized via a Swiss HEI, usually a partner institution of the home HEI. Interested HEI staff members and students can get information from their home HEI’s International Relations Office or a Swiss partner institution.

Application Deadline

There is no specific deadline or any deadline has been mentioned on the official website. Once it is decided, it will be published on the official call. If you have interest in this programme, you need to keep an eye on the official website.

How to Apply for Mobility for Higher Education: Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP)

If you would like to apply for this gigantic opportunity, you should read the complete details on the official call and then follow the instructions carefully.

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