Rotary Club Scholarships Announced – Applications are Open and Invited (Full Scholarships)

The Rotary Foundation was founded 100 years ago and has spent more than $4 billion on sustainable and life-changing projects so far (according to its website and online information). The organization is supported solely by voluntary contributions. The foundation helps Rotary members to advance goodwill, world understanding, and peace by improving health, improving the environment, providing quality education, and alleviating poverty. If you seek educational opportunities from the organization, you may learn about Rotary Club Scholarships available for water and sanitation professionals.

Rotary Club Scholarships Available for Water and Sanitation Professionals

There is a strategic partnership between The Rotary Foundation and IHE Delft Institute for Water Education that aims to tackle the entire globe’s water and sanitation crisis by enhancing the number of trained professionals to devise, plan, and implement solutions in emerging and developing countries.

Scholarships are offered through this partnership annually for graduate students at IHE Delft’s campus located in the Netherlands.

About Rotary and IHE Delft

As far as Rotary is concerned, it is an international organization comprising professional, business, and community leaders who provide humanitarian service and help to construct goodwill and peace in the whole globe.

On the other hand, the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education is the largest international graduate water education facility in the world. The institute is located in the Netherlands and offers fully accredited MSc and PhD degrees in collaboration with Dutch partner universities.

If you are interested in getting Rotary scholarships, the opportunity is now available. Let’s find out if you are eligible and apply accordingly.

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Eligibility and Process for Rotary Scholarships for Water and Sanitation Professionals

The applications for Rotary Scholarships for Water and Sanitation Professionals 2024 are now open and you may submit your application provided that you are eligible to apply. These scholarships have been created and designed to promote long-term productive rapport (relationship) between highly skilled water and sanitation professionals and Rotarians in their communities.

These scholarships were initiated in 2012, and since then over 165 scholarships so far have been conferred.

The application procedure includes Rotarians interview and select from local candidates who have already been academically admitted at the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education’s MSc Programme in Water and Sustainable Development to one of the below-mentioned thematic tracks:

  • Water, Food, and Energy
  • Water and Health
  • Water Hazards, Risks and Climate
  • Water Resources and Ecosystems Health

Once the candidate is found suitable, the sponsoring Rotary Club submits (coupled with the candidate) a fully completed application form to the joint Rotary/IHE Delft selection committee copied to the District Governor and District Rotary Foundation Chair of their district.

After the scholarship has been provided, the sponsoring Rotary Clubs maintain contact with the scholar/recipient of the scholarship throughout his or her studies. Rotary’s Global Grant Process finances the candidates.

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Details About Scholarship/Benefits

Recipients of Rotary scholarships for international students will benefit from the support they get through regular contact with sponsor Rotarians from their home country and they will also have the opportunity to interact with Rotarians in the Netherlands. These are full scholarships details of which can be checked from application form (the link of the same is mentioned ahead under how to apply section).

On the part of Rotary alumni, it constitute a massive network of Rotary scholarship recipients and Rotarians around the world. Scholars, once they are involved with a local Rotary Club and alumni association, it allows them to get connected to the global community of Rotary and resources.

Deadline for Rotary Scholarship Application 2024

Interested candidates should submit their applications for Rotary Club Scholarships offered to water and sanitation professionals by 15th April 2024.

Application Procedure (How to Apply) for Rotary Club Scholarships

Let’s find out how you can apply for the Rotary scholarship (the said scholarship for water and sanitation professionals). The application process is mentioned below for your reference.

  • You need to apply for admission to the IHE Delft Master program in Water and Sustainable Development by 1st April 2024 at the latest.
  • Early on in the application procedure, you need to search for your nearest Rotary Club.
  • You then need to approach the club and request to nominate you for a Rotary scholarship.
  • The application form should be completed by you and the Rotary Club.
  • Once the form is complete, the sponsoring Rotary Club will then submit your application to the Rotary/IHEL Delft selection committee located in the Netherlands till 15th April 2024.
  • Once the selection period is complete, all candidates will be informed about the results/outcome before 15th May 2024.
  • Final approval of the candidates will be pending formal endorsement by the Rotary Foundation till 1st July 2024.

Note: you are advised to check all details and complete information on the official call and apply according to the instructions mentioned there. Accuracy of the information and updates must also be verified from the official call.

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