Laura Bassi Scholarship Announced for Currently Enrolled Master’s and Doctoral Students (Attractive Financial Benefits)

Let’s check out an interesting scholarship opportunity waiting for you to grab it. It is the Laura Bassi Scholarship. It was established in 2018 with the purpose of providing editorial assistance to postgraduates and junior academics whose research pours a focus on neglected topics of study widely construed within their fields (disciplines). This scholarship facility is open to every field (discipline) and will be conferred three times a year such as December, April, and August respectively. If you show your interest in this funding facility, you may then learn the details about Laura Bassi Scholarship 2024 ahead in this article.

The Laura Bassi Scholarship 2024 – Details

As mentioned earlier all disciplines are available for this open scholarship. If you are interested, you may avail this opportunity as it is available three times per year – December, April, and August. Currently enrolled master’s and doctoral students are eligible to submit applications for Laura Bassi Scholarship.

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About the Bassi Foundation

It is a philanthropy foundation determined and committed to solving critical world problems and advancing knowledge by supporting overlooked or novel fields of research across different disciplines.

The foundation is out there with a mission to accelerate insights and discoveries into various (diverse) subjects by engaging with pioneering ideas, methodologies, and individuals. The foundation supports a broad range of initiatives across areas like social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences, and advocates for influential societal change through multidisciplinary research projects.

Since its launch in 2018, the foundation has been utterly committed to advancing (fostering) research on neglected within academia.

Eligibility Criteria for the Laura Bassi Scholarship

If you would like to apply for this opportunity, you need to meet the eligibility requirements set for this scholarship.

  • All presently enrolled master’s and doctoral students (candidates) are eligible to apply for this scholarship, as are academics in the first 5 years of full-time employment.
  • There are no departmental, institutional, or national restrictions.

Available Funding 

The financial benefits (value) of the scholarship will be remitted solely via editorial assistance as mentioned ahead.

  • Master’s candidates: $750
  • Junior academics: $500
  • Doctoral candidates: $2,500

These figures show the upper bracket of expenses (costs) of editorial assistance for master’s theses, academic journal articles, and doctoral dissertations respectively.

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Deadlines To Be Followed for Application Submission

Summer 2024 – The deadline is 24th July 2024. Results will be out on 10th August 2024.

Winter 2024 – The deadline is 24th November 2024 and the results will be announced on 8th December 2024.

How to Apply for the Laura Bassi Scholarship 2024

Interested and eligible candidates are required to apply by using an application form coupled with their resume (CV) using the portal prompted by the ‘Apply’ button by the relevant deadline. There is an application fee of USD 10.00. However, those applicants who are unable to pay it are welcome to take the benefit from the fee waiver option available on the application portal.

Applications submitted through emails will not be accepted. If there is a need to update the application material, the documents can be uploaded afresh using the same email address as your initial submission.

The dossier of the applicant will then update automatically. It is worth noting that application documents are required to be uploaded together rather than separately.

You are advised to visit the official announcement to get complete details, the accuracy of the information plus the application procedure.

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