How to Get TEFL Certification – Your Ultimate Guide (Everything Explained)

If you are on your way to getting TEFL Certification, you are going in the right direction since the certificate is really worth to obtain it. It is really beneficial for those seeking a good and higher-earning career in the field of teaching the English language. The certificate provides basic teacher training for those people interested in teaching English as a foreign language. You are provided with effectual teaching methodologies, classroom management, and lesson-planning tips, it means you are equipped with utter confidence as a teacher from day one. If interested in starting a brilliant career in English teaching, it is time to learn how to get TEFL Certification. Let’s learn the details.

How to Get TEFL Certification – Details

English, as we all know, is an international language spoken everywhere in the world. We cannot take our eyes off its importance in our daily routine, lives, studies, and official matters. Therefore, the worth of English teaching has shot to heights resulting in higher-paid jobs.

There are numerous accredited platforms from where you can get trained and certified. Once you are certified with TEFL, you will then be able to teach English as a foreign language abroad and online. Since TEFL provides you with the most attractive and alluring opportunity to go abroad to teach, thus, the experience of teaching abroad happens to be one of the most thrilling and educational adventures of your life. Once you plan to get TEFL certification, the most important thing is to find an accredited institute to learn from.

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Who TEFL is For?

Everyone can do this course – anyone interested in learning the English language is eligible and the target audience of TEFL. But the ones interested in beginning a career as an English teacher are the right candidates for this course. Once you complete the course, you will have all the necessary skills to plan lessons and teach real students.

As far as TEFL certification is concerned, it is an internationally recognized professional credential that certifies the individual as a qualified English language teacher (to teach English as a foreign language). The certification provides you the opportunity to secure a teaching English job to non-native English speakers online or abroad (in-person).

TEFL Course Curriculum (Syllabus)

The course covers topics like grammar, teaching language skills, lesson planning, and classroom management. As a learner, you will be taught how to:

  • Teach English Language Skills
  • Teach the five major language learning elements (writing, reading, speaking, pronunciation, and listening)

In many TEFL courses, the curriculum consists of articles, video lectures, examples, etc. Often you are tested with assignments and multiple-choice quizzes.

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How Can You Enroll in An Accredited TEFL Program?

Although there are various TEFL programs/courses you may stumble upon, the basic TEFL-accredited certification requires 120 hours of study. To complete this training, you may enroll in an accredited TEFL program online or in person (whichever suits you best). The majority of the students/individuals opt for the TEFL certification online option as it is more economical and flexible to go for.

Is TEFL Certification Permanent?

Yes, TEFL Certification is permanent. It never expires. Once you are certified, you may go abroad to teach English or teach online anytime.

Accredited Online TEFL Platforms 

There are various online TEFL Accredited Platforms where you can enroll and get your TEFL Certification. Let’s check out the names as under:

Udemy (you may search TEFL or Teach as a Foreign Language in the search bar for available TEFL courses). Udemy often offers special offers which reduce the course’s fees). Upon completion, you will be provided with a certificate of completion.

Alison (to get available TEFL courses, you may search TEFL or Teach as a Foreign Language in the search bar). Alison offers free courses meaning that you may learn TEFL courses for free, but the certificate is offered at a price, which you can check at Alison’s website.

The TEFL Academy offers TEFL certifications. The website of The TEFL Academy provides special offers often that give you discounted prices for the courses. Upon completion, you will be provided with a certificate of completion.

The TEFL Org is also a popular platform for TEFL Certification. You will also find special offers (discounted prices) for the available TEFL programs (courses). Once you successfully complete the course, you will be issued a certificate of completion.

FutureLearn is a known platform for TEFL certifications as well where you will find numerous related courses with digital certificates upon completion of the courses. Search TEFL in the search bar on the website to get related courses. FutureLearn also offers special discounts on subscriptions.

Using the above-mentioned platforms, you may get TEFL certification to embark on your higher-earning journey in the field of teaching English as a foreign language. If you want to share your views on how to get TEFL certification, you may do so in the comments section.

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