MPower Financing and Edward Consulting Offer Scholarships to Study in the USA and Canada

For students seeking financing or scholarships for their educational goals, opportunities are always out there to avail. They can be eligible to apply and even get awarded provided that they fulfill the criteria and present themselves as the best candidates. Scholarships for education are the central focus and attention of students. If you are among them, you should now get ready to witness a brilliant scholarship opportunity waiting for you to grab.  MPower and Edward Consulting have teamed up to present the MPower & Edward Consulting Scholarship opportunity for those interested in getting higher education. Let’s check out the details to find out if you are eligible for the same.

MPower & Edward Consulting Scholarship – Details

Both MPower Financing and Edward Consulting have dedicated themselves to assisting African students in realizing their aspirations to get quality education abroad. In this regard, they have launched a scholarship program. The importance of MPower Financing scholarships is vital and high among students, thus, if you are seeking their scholarships, this one is amongst the ones the company offers to students though this one is offered in collaboration with Edward Consulting.

This initiative between the two companies aims to empower and aid international students in their quest for education excellence in the USA and Canada.

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The main mission of this opportunity is to break down barriers and make high quality education accessible to African international students who have obtained admission to study for a STEM master’s program or MBA in the USA or Canada for the Fall 2024 intake or are presently enrolled in an MBA or STEM master’s study program and will be commencing their second year in Fall 2024. For applicants to be eligible for this scholarship opportunity, the applicants must have submitted their application (applied) and have been approved for an MPower study loan through Edward Consulting.

For applicants to be eligible, they must have applied and have been approved for an MPOWER study loan through Edward Consulting.

About MPower Financing and Edward Consulting

As for MPower Financing is concerned, it is a financial technology company that provides international students with educational loans and scholarships to pursue higher education in the USA and Canada. It was founded in 2014 and headquartered in Washington D.C. with an additional office located in Bangalore, India.

To learn about Edward Consulting, it is an educational consulting company with a mission to enhance society through education. The company accomplishes this by providing access to higher quality education in foreign (overseas) countries and ensuring that it becomes economical for students from African and developing countries. Edward Consulting does this by connecting the students to the best top-rated universities and scholarships in the world.

Application Criteria for MPower & Edward Consulting Scholarship

Applicants must possess admission for STEM master’s programs or MBA at MPOWER-eligible schools/universities. You may use the official link to confirm eligible schools/universities.

  • Applicants must have African nationalities.
  • They should apply for an MPOWER study loan through Edward Consulting.
  • They need to have final approval on their MPower loan application.
  • They must be applying for Fall 2024.
  • If the students are in their second year, they are required to apply for a fresh MPower loan through Edward Consulting. They can use the official link to begin their loan application.

Terms and Conditions for MPower & Edward Consulting Scholarship

  • Applicants must have obtained a study visa to Canada or the USA and resumed full-time at their school/university for the scholarship to be disbursed.
  • Applicants can only submit one scholarship application.
  • Funds for scholarships will be directly disbursed to the school/university and not be transferred to the bank account of the recipient.
  • MPower and Edward Consulting reserve the right to use the information received in the application for the purpose of promotion.
  • Headshot photographs are required to be provided by the recipients.
  • Upon resumption at their school overseas, the students cannot decide to forgo their MPower loan.

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Financial Benefits

$50,000 will be awarded to seven recipients. Besides, $12,000, $10,000, $8,000, and $5,000 will be distributed among the last 4 recipients.

Timeline for Scholarship

The application period is open from 1st March 2024. The deadline to apply is 24th May, 2024. Those who are successful will be notified by the end of June 2024.

How to Apply for the MPower & Edward Consulting Scholarship

For complete details, accuracy of the information, updated information, and the application procedure, interested and eligible students are advised to visit the official webpage.

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