Google for Startups Offers Growth Academy: AI for Education (Highly Beneficial Program)

The importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in today’s world is endless and mammoth. We cannot take our eyes off the importance it has in our lives and works. AI can analyze wider amounts of educational data to discover trends and patterns. Apart from its big usage in technological fields, AI has a big hold in education as well. This technology can predict student performance and help design strategies to enhance outcomes. The technology can also discover areas where additional support is required. Therefore, artificial intelligence in education has a big role to play. If you are interested in this field, Google now offers Google Growth Academy: AI for Education. Let’s now check out the details.

Google Growth Academy: AI for Education – Details

This program is offered by the Google for Startups. It is a 3 months program that provides education startups leveraging AI with necessary growth skills, Google tools, and internationalization strategies to help them scale and innovate responsibility.  This program is supremely beneficial.

With Google for Startups, you may find a variety of programs and initiatives to help connect startups of all stages with the right people, products, and best practices to grow and scale correctly and appropriately.

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About Google for Startups

Startups are on their way to solving the vital challenges of the world with novel (innovative) technology, agility, and determination. Google feels proud to help. Thus, if you are starting out, building your startup, or scaling up to meet consumers’ needs and the needs of society and business, Google connects you with the right products, people, and best practices to help you grow. This is because, if the startups succeed, economies and communities succeed.

About the Program – Growth Academy: AI for Education

As mentioned earlier it is a 3-month duration hybrid program dedicated to supporting high-potential outstanding startups in the education industry using Artificial Intelligence Technology to grow and introduce (innovate) responsibly.

The program contains a series of workshops, mentoring, and networking events. This program aptly helps the founders grow (develop) data-driven strategies to acquire new partnerships and customers, tools to introduce (innovate) responsibly with emerging technologies and make expansion to new markets.

After the first (initial) 3 months of core content, startups will continue receiving mentorship and product support from Google to help them address their challenges. Throughout the program, 2 sessions will be conducted physically (in person), and locations for the same will be shared by Google soon. The rest of the program will be delivered virtually.

Entry Criteria for the Google Growth Academy: AI for Education 

  • Seed to Series Startups presently based in the Middle East, Europe, and/or Africa, but looking to scale internationally.
  • Leveraging AI to address the challenges of education including executive education, reskilling, coaching, and more.
  • Scalable product or service, with both a significant total addressable market plus a defensible growth model.
  • Shown (demonstrated) traction like a clear track record of revenue and users.

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Benefits of the Program

  • Hands-on Mentorship – One-on-one support and technical consulting from AI experts and Google mentors.
  • Equity-Free – You will receive equity-free support with access to Google resources and products.
  • Strategic and Product Support – You will get support on company, artificial intelligence, and product strategy.
  • Leadership Training – Tailored leadership training will be provided that is designed to enhance management skills.
  • Go Global – You will get support from Google teams and mentors on the latest (new) international opportunities to expand your new markets and business.
  • Networking and Community – You will have the opportunity to connect with industry leaders, VCs, and fellow founders. Besides, you will become a part of Google’s alumni network.

How to Apply for the Google Growth Academy: AI for Education

Interested and eligible candidates should first visit the official announcement and learn complete details and then they can apply through the official portal.

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