California State University Pre-Doctoral Program in USA – Complete Application Procedure, Eligibility & Offers

Do you want to undertake a doctoral program? If yes, then you should now be ready to apply for a brilliant opportunity geared up for your bright career. California State University in the USA offers a pre-doctoral program for international students. This is a well-designed program to enhance your career and provide you with the opportunity to learn. The program is quite popular among students and researchers around the world. If you like to submit your application for this opportunity, you may now learn details about California Pre-Doctoral Program to be conducted at CSU in the USA.

Relevant Details about California Pre-Doctoral Program

There is no doubt that studying in the USA is a passion for many, and to fulfill their passion opportunities are always out there in the U.S. One of them is The California Pre-Doctoral Program that has been designed to enhance the pool of potential California State University faculty by providing support to doctoral aspirations of the students of CSU who have witnessed/experienced educational and economic disadvantages.

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The Role of the Faculty of California State University

There is no denying that the faculty members of CSU are an integral component of this program since they work closely with applicants so that they can prepare themselves for graduate studies.

Any faculty member of California State University may identify and sponsor promising upper-division students of undergraduate or Master’s degrees to the pre-doctoral program. Being a student adviser, faculty could accompany students to the UC and other doctoral-granting campuses for the purposes of site visits, or to professional meetings or national symposia.

The applicants get acquainted with information about academic careers from the adviser, who also identifies appropriate journal subscriptions and learning experiences. The adviser is also responsible for making sure that the scholars are utterly prepared for doctoral studies.

Eligibility Requirements

Presently enrolled CSU undergraduate and graduate students, who will be enrolled in coursework programs at one of the California State University campuses, are eligible to submit applications for the pre-doctoral program.

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What’s Offered Under This Program

Last year in 2022-2023, the program conferred funds to 75 juniors, seniors, and graduate students. These funds enable the present students to discover and prepare to succeed in their doctoral programs in the selected fields of study.

These awards are provided on the basis of a competitive review of the applications and then conferred to present upper-division or graduate students, who according to the review panel of the judgment, demonstrate their academic excellence while experiencing educational or economic disadvantage, and are fully committed to a career in research and teaching at the university or college level. All matriculated students who are enrolled on a California State University campus are held eligible to make participation.

Application Period

If you are interested in applying for this program, you should remember that the application cycle for the pre-doctoral program opens in December and closes in mid-February each year. You should check with Campus Coordinator for particular deadlines related to your campus (they might be earlier).

Application Process for California Pre-Doctoral Program

  • The award starts on 1st July and ends on June 30th of the following year (it should be noted that this particular period does not include Summer Research Experience which is conducted during the summer following the award).
  • California pre-Doctoral Program (award) is a one-time award for which present or former pre-doctoral scholars are not found eligible to reapply.
  • Applications are open in December and close in mid of February each year. You need to check with your Campus Coordinator for the deadlines which are relevant to your campus (they might be earlier).
  • If you really want to apply, then you need to first meet with the coordinator of the California pre-doctoral program on your campus.
  • It is to be noted that the application packet is a template only, thus, you need to fill out your application online with multiple attachments.
  • You are required to fill out the required component of the application and then make contact with your campus coordinator to check and review your draft application. Prior to your meeting, you should have completed your student plan and budget, transcripts, three essays, and letter of recommendation/faculty sponsor form.
  • By the time your application draft is approved by your campus coordinator, you will then be provided with access to the website where you can submit your final application and attachments.
  • Before your final submission, the online submission process can be begun and saved.
  • You have the option to work on the online application over multiple sessions.
  • You need to save all attachments as PDF documents.
  • Your transcripts have to be scanned and then saved as PDF documents.
  • You may check out Student Plan and Budget Template.

Note: Interested candidates should visit the official website for program information and also check out the application process and submission on the official webpage before submission of the application.

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