American University Washington Offers Online Merit Scholarships for Master’s Program

There are always big benefits to online education. You can learn on your own time, at your own pace and you can avoid big budgets as well apart from many other benefits associated with online learning. If you are searching for an online Master’s degree and want to earn your degree from a prestigious or notable university and if you want a scholarship as well to fund your study, you should now get ready to witness a mammoth opportunity from the United States. Learn complete details about the American University Online Merit Scholarships available to apply for.

American University Online Merit Scholarships – Details

This colossal opportunity is offered by the American University located in Washington, D.C. As far as the American University Washington DC is concerned, it is a student-centered research institution with highly ranked schools and colleges. It is an internationally known university with renowned faculty.

For online Master’s degrees, the university is pleased to announce online merit scholarships for students interested in studying with them through the online format. All admitted students of all nationalities (regardless of their nationalities) will be considered for academic scholarships for which they happen to be eligible.

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The admitted students, who are conferred with scholarships, possess outstanding academic credentials and show exceptional leadership skills. The online merit scholarship is open to online students who qualify under the eligibility criteria. The following parameters will be applied:

Eligible Online Program(s)

Period of Entry

Amount of Scholarship

Scholarship Courses

Undergraduate GPA (on a 4 Scale)

Master of Arts in Economics



Scholarship applied equally to the 1st and 5th courses.

3.5 – 4.0

Master of Arts in Economics



Scholarship applied equally to the 1st and 5th courses.

3.0 – 3.49

It should be noted that the scholarships will be offered to those students meeting all of the eligibility standards (requirements). The applicants need to understand that the listed scholarship amount is the maximum value (amount) under this scholarship scheme to be awarded to an individual student.

How Will Scholarships Be Provided?

The scholarship will be provided to the students in the form of waived tuition and applied to the scholarship course(s) taken as part of the online merit scholarship. The candidates are advised to understand that no part of this scholarship will be offered as a cash refund or for any other purpose other than tuition. Further, the amount of the scholarship will also not be applied to materials, textbooks, past balances, fees, or dropped courses.

Eligibility Requirements for American University Online Merit Scholarships

This opportunity is the best option to study online. Therefore, if you like to receive the scholarship, you need to meet the following requirements:

Entry Period: For the online merit scholarship, the first course required has to be taken online at American University. If you have taken courses before this date regardless of modality or enrollment status, you are not eligible to apply. A course is considered to have been taken provided that a student got enrolled after the add/drop 100% refund period.

Enrollment Status: Eligible students have to be accepted into the online study format of the online merit scholarship by the time the first course is taken. It should be noted that non-degree-seeking students are not eligible.

Academic Performance: For this opportunity, your academic performance is considered. Eligible students must have graduated with a CGPA as mentioned above in undergraduate at the time of application. Besides, they also need to remain in good academic standing by retaining a 3.0 GPA or higher while they are in the program.

Completion Period: As mentioned above, the funds (scholarship amount) will be applied to the accounts of students.

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Scholarship Process for the American University Online Merit Scholarships

  • The decision for this scholarship opportunity will be taken by the staff of the American University. The students will be notified at the time they are admitted or shortly after that.
  • The recipients of scholarships register for the scholarship courses as normal. The applicable scholarship will then be applied to the scholarship course or courses as it is taken or they are taken.
  • The students will be issued payment bills for tuition due net of the scholarship during that term.

Applicants are advised to visit the official call for scholarships to learn all the details before making their decision or applying for this scholarship.

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