Endicott College of International Studies Scholarships for Undergraduate & Graduate Studies in South Korea

When an international student applies for admission at a foreign university or institution, if he or she is awarded a scholarship upon admission (along with admission), cheers and happiness are bound to come. Just imagine, you get admission at an institution or a university abroad, and your admission letter says you also have been awarded a scholarship – what will be your reaction? Hopefully and obviously, you will end up with big cheers. Have you ever thought of studying abroad, and do you like to study in South Korea? If yes, then, get ready to apply for a big opportunity waiting for you. Submit your applications for the Endicott College of International Studies Scholarships in South Korea.

Relevant Details about Endicott College of International Studies Scholarships

The college offers admission scholarships, which are available for all programs conducted on campus. These are awarded to exceptional students who have been accepted by Endicott College of International Studies at Woosong University for admission.

Brief Details About Admission Scholarships

Let’s check out the details in a brief manner as under:

Name of the University/Institution: Endicott College of International Studies

Program on Offer: Undergraduate & Graduate

Funding Facility: Yes

Application Deadline: Not specified

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Admission Scholarships at Endicott College of International Studies

If you would like to be considered for the scholarship, you need to indicate your interest while you fill out the application for admission to the college. The scholarship could be conferred provided that you complete the entire application for admission procedure.

This should be noted that the scholarships are only offered and applicable for tuition fees. Scholarships offered upon admission are for the first semester only. Subsequent scholarships will be available to the students and conferred based on their academic performance.

International Student Scholarship Information – Eligibility & Financial Coverage

These awards are for undergraduate programs. All international students are eligible to receive them. Between 30% to 70% scholarships will be offered to students upon their admission (they will be offered for their first semester) depending on the eligibility criteria.

After the first semester of the students, all following scholarships will be determined by the college’s undergrad merit-based scholarship criteria.

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International Graduate Student Scholarships – Eligibility & Financial Coverage

These scholarships are for international graduate students, who will be offered a 30% scholarship once they are admitted (upon admission). These graduate scholarships will be offered just for their first semester.

After the first semester of the students in graduate school, all following scholarships will be determined by the college’s graduate school merit-based scholarship criteria.

How to Apply for Endicott College of International Studies Scholarships

The application process for the above-mentioned scholarships requires no separate application since they are offered upon admission. You should visit the official website to learn all the details.

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