Lund University Offers Various Distance Learning Programs – Masters, Stand-Alone & MOOCs

Today’s world is digital, everything has gone digital. We are now captured in our places, where we have everything at our fingertips. Life has turned out to be super easy. Where everything is digital, education has joined the bandwagon too. Today, you have the facility to study online, and you are offered online courses and almost all types of education as well. Lund University in Sweden proudly offers education through a distance learning format to all students of the world, who are passionate about their study programs and want to join as distance learners. If interested, you may start processing your applications for Lund University’s distance learning programs which are available to be joined.

Relevant Details for Lund University’s Distance Learning Programs

There is no doubt about the importance of distance learning education, as it has spread everywhere in the world. The majority of this education delivered through renowned and all types of institutions and universities around the world is accredited (although you may find numerous programs offered around you in the world, which are not accredited. But it all depends on you if you like to avail them or just want to go for an accredited study program conducted in an online format/distance education).

If you are just curious and would like to avail the accredited programs only, then you surely can find a number of distance learning universities or institutions/colleges offering this educational format.

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Distance Learning Programs Available at Lund University

As far as this well-renowned and higher-ranked university is concerned, it offers a selection of stand-alone courses plus one full degree study program available to the students through a distance learning format. If interested to join these programs, you should then follow the below-mentioned links to read more about each of these programs:

Lund University’s Master’s in Geographical Information Systems Program

This program carries a duration of two-year and is taught completely online. It can be studied either at a 100% or 50% pace of study. To learn in detail about this program such as requirements, deadlines, eligibility, and all relevant details, visit the official webpage.

Lund University’s Master’s in Religious Roots of Europe

The pace of this program is 100%. This is a two-year program and is taught through a distance learning format. Therefore, the program requires campus time. It is a joint study program between Lund, the Nordic universities of Bergen, Aarhus, Copenhagen, Helsinki, and Oslo. If you are interested, you should visit the official webpage to learn about all details like requirements, deadlines, eligibility, and all related information.

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Lund University’s Distance Learning Stand-Alone Courses

There are a variety of stand-alone courses available at Lund University. You may search for these courses in the list that describes the complete details of each course (by clicking on your desired course, you will get details like requirements, eligibility, deadline, etc.).

Lund University’s MOOC Courses

You may study Massive Open Online Courses delivered by Lund University. There are various MOOC courses offered for students who are interested in studying them. These courses are open to everyone and are offered free of charge. You may check the list of MOOC courses to find your desired one.

Application for Distance Learning Studies

It is to be noted that the above-mentioned distance learning programs and stand-alone courses carry formal admission requirements (you are advised to refer to a specific program or course links for complete details).

Those who are interested to apply have to follow the formal application procedure for Bachelor’s and Master’s studies. They need to apply online using the University Admissions in Sweden website ( during the national application period. Check the application steps for distance learning, Bachelor’s, and Master’s studies.

You may check the official call for Distance Learning Programs.

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