University of Cape Town Entrance Scholarships to Study in South Africa

Everyone knows the beauty and attractions present in the eye-candy city of Cape Town. The city not only entices the souls but also grabs the attention of the tourists who come from all corners of the world to witness the beautiful locales. Apart from the attractions, the city is also known for its world-class university – The University of Cape Town which offers scholarship opportunities to students wishing to pursue their higher studies. If interested in this marvelous opportunity, you may then learn details about the University of Cape Town Entrance Scholarships. Let’s now find out the information.

Overview of The University of Cape Town Entrance Scholarships

A public research university, The University of Cape Town is located in Cape Town (South Africa). It was launched in 1829 as the South African College initially but was granted full university status in 1918. Entrance scholarships are available and offered to undergraduate degree programs. Complete details about the scholarships are available next in the post.

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Let’s Learn About Scholarships Awarded at the University

  • UCT offers 2024 Entrance Scholarships. Faculties at the university offer two types of undergraduate scholarships namely Faculty Entrance Scholarships and Faculty Scholarships.
  • To identify scholarship recipients, faculties use various criteria and methods. The value of the scholarship might vary and is reflected in the respective faculty section.
  • It is to be noted that the number of awards is limited. There is no application procedure for these awards.
  • For selection, the faculties use the information provided in the application forms for admission plus academic achievement in the previous year is also taken into consideration.
  • Let’s learn about the two types of entrance awards offered by the university.

Faculty Entrance Scholarships

These scholarships or awards are conferred to students on the basis of NSC achievement in open and redress pools. As far as redress is concerned, it is determined by the student’s disadvantage factor.

General Requirements for Faculty Entrance Scholarships

  • Faculty Entrance Scholarships (under the University Cape Town Scholarships scheme) are for undergraduate students who are going to apply to enter the university for the first time and are for the first year of their academic study.
  • It should be noted that except in the Performing and Creative Arts and BA where audition and portfolio rankings are considered, these scholarships are guaranteed to students who obtain the published faculty threshold levels.
  • This scholarship (Faculty Entrance Scholarship) might be withdrawn completely provided that a recipient cancels his or her academic registration prior to writing mid-year examinations. Applicants should note that the recipients who cancel the registration after writing the mid-year exams will be offered half the scholarship value.
  • The eligibility for this opportunity is restricted to South African permanent residents and South African citizens.
  • This scholarship scheme is valid for the year in which the offer is made. Students (applicants) who defer their studies will have to meet the published threshold level for the year they register in it. Besides, the faculties could roll over the entrance scholarship offer for those students who take a ‘gap year’.
  • For Faculty Entrance Scholarships, a tiny portion of the faculty allotted amount is put aside to be conferred at the dean’s discretion and could be used for scholarships (awards) to students/applicants carrying international school-leaving qualifications.

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Faculty Scholarships

These are conferred to returning students based on their academic achievement in redress and open pools. For these scholarships, redress is measured/determined by self-declared racial identity. The applicants entitled to staff fees will need to have a record of the award noted on their transcript but the amount which is paid into students’ fees account will be a pro-rated percentage of the standard scholarship (award).

General Requirements for Faculty Scholarships

  • These scholarships will be provided to students who are in their second or third year of the undergraduate degree. These awards/scholarships are tenable for one year.
  • If you like to be considered, you need to be registered for a full curriculum workload for the particular program/qualification and might not have failed a course in the program you are registered for.
  • Although there is a minimum level of academic achievement defined, nonetheless deans could exercise discretion when making scholarship awards by taking into consideration the applicant’s circumstances, academic record, and selection panels’ advice and heads of departments as appropriate.
  • These scholarships might be withdrawn if the recipients of the scholarship fail to register at the university for the year in which the award (scholarship) is provided, change their program registration to another faculty, or they cancel their academic registration prior to writing their mid-year examinations. Remember, scholarship recipients who cancel their registration after writing mid-year examinations will get half the scholarship amount (value).

Visit the official website for the University of Cape Town Entrance Scholarships to learn complete details.

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