Applications Invited for Snap Research Internship (Snap Inc. Internships)

Everybody knows about Snapchat, the most popular American multimedia instant messaging app and service. It has been developed by Snap Inc. Internships are always offered by Snap Inc. if you want to do an internship with them, you may have this opportunity. The company is looking for interns who are enthusiastic about pushing state-of-the-art technology and research in various areas. If you develop interest for this career-making opportunity, you may submit your applications for Snap Research Internship Program.

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Relevant Details about Snap Research Internship

The company is seeking applications for internships. Snap Inc. is looking interns for its Snap Research program. The interns have to be excited about pushing modern technology and research in the fields like computer vision, graphics, human-computer interaction, data mining, machine learning, social sciences, natural language processing and more in manners which might be of interest to Snap Inc. and to research community.

Note: In 2023, the Snap Inc. Internship Program would be hybrid. While the company encourages the interns to work in person along with the team, the interns on the other hand will also be able to discuss approved working locations during the process of interview. Because of the visa processing and travel, internships could not be available in some of the locations internationally.

Information about Snap Research Program (Internship)

Following is the detail about this internship program in brief manner.

Company Name: Snap Inc.

Program Name: Snap Research Internship

Available Benefits: Yes

Deadline to Submit Applications: July 8th 2023

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About Snap Inc.

It is a camera company which firmly believes that reinventing the camera represents its mammoth and massive opportunity to enhance the way people communicate and live. The products, company keeps launching, empower the people (of all age-groups) to express themselves, learn utterly about the world, live excitedly in the moment and have fun.

The company, at Snap Research, creates novel and innovative technology. The company is interested in fostering ongoing collaborations and is utterly open to projects which last beyond the internship. The interns witness the environment which is not only productive but also fun.

What the Interns are Required to Do?

  • They will make collaborations with world class engineers and researchers in their areas of expertise.
  • They will develop modern technology which will impact company’s products.
  • The interns will potentially work toward publishing and/or patenting their research.

Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

  • They must have the ability to thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced and collaborative work environment.
  • They have to possess strong problem-solving dexterities (skills).
  • The interns need to have proven ability solving tough and technical challenges.

Required Minimum Qualifications

For this internship opportunity, the interested applicants need to possess the minimum qualifications mentioned as under:

  • The applicants should be enrolled in a BS, MS or PhD program in a technical field like computer science.
  • They should possess experience in applying technical concepts to real-world problems and conducting academic research.
  • In a technical coursework, they should have strong academic performance.
  • They should have clear vision for how research initiatives might contribute to future innovation at Snap Inc.

Preferred Qualification for Snap Research Internship

  • The interns need to have publication to related top level journals and conferences.
  • They should have successful previous project experience which might potentially make impacts on Snap’s products.
  • They should show passion for Snap Inc. products and research.

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Financial Benefits for 2023 Research Internship at Snap Inc.

Snap Inc.’s benefits are offered around interns needs and include paid maternity and paternity leave, emotional and mental health support programs, comprehensive medical coverage and compensation packages which let the interns share in Snap’s long-term success.

Deadline for Submission of Applications

The applications could go on till July 8th 2023.

How to Apply for Snap Research Internship

If interested in applying, you may visit the official link, read guidelines and apply accordingly.

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