Skillshare Offers Scholarships for Online Education (Easy Application Process)

The fact remains that student discounts are beneficial for the students and the same goes with scholarship opportunities for students. Around the whole world, students from all parts of the world find so many scholarships and even discounts as well. This certainly fulfills their education needs. The financial burdens go away or become less with these kinds of help. If you are interested in online learning, there is an opportunity geared up for you that will surely help you out. If interested, you may submit your application for Skillshare Scholarships available for students.

Get Details about Skillshare Scholarships 

As far as Skillshare is concerned, it is an online learning community that is based in New York, United States. This community is for those who want to learn from educational videos. The platform is better and beneficial for creatives looking to learn new skills, upskill or grow their business. Skillshare often offers scholarships for students. You may always check out the details on its official website. Currently, the opportunities for scholarships are also open. 

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Benefits of Online Learning

Since it is an online learning platform, you can find online courses that are pretty fit for your career or skills. There is no denying in mentioning that online learning carries a number of benefits which is why it has gained a big momentum and become a central focus. Virtual education or learning lets you enjoy a more flexible schedule and reduces the cost of education among other benefits. Let’s check out the main benefits.

  • Flexibility
  • Enhanced course variety
  • More free time
  • Reduced cost
  • More time management skills
  • Personalized education
  • Repeated access to course material

If you are confused about whether online learning is right for you or not? You need to make an evaluation of the pros and cons of online education.

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About Skillshare

The platform is famous for online courses and online classes. It is an online community for learning with thousands of classes for people/students who are creative and curious. The courses/classes are available on the topics like illustration, design, photography, freelancing, video, and more. If you develop an interest in Skillshare, you should visit the official website to explore more about the courses and Skillshare classes available there.

Eligibility Criteria for Scholarships

  • You need to be a present student in an accredited school with a valid ‘edu’ or university email address.
  • Your age should be over 16.
  • You have to be a first-time member of Skillshare (you should note that Skillshare is presently unable to offer scholarships to those applicants with an active or expired membership).

Available Financial Benefits

All eligible college or university students will be offered 50% off one year of membership, who apply for this opportunity.

How to Apply for Skillshare Scholarships

Eligible candidates will get a 50% Skillshare student discount on a year of membership. In the first week of each month, scholarships are conferred. All eligible candidates will be informed through emails. If you like to check the official call, you may visit the official webpage for details. To apply for this scholarship, you can submit your application through its official online application portal.

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