Australian Government Adds Two Years Extension to Post-Study Work Visa and Increases Working Hours

The Government of Australia has announced the big news that will help the students studying there and those planning to study in Australia. There is absolutely no doubt that international students work part-time while they study, and obviously, it appears to be their preference as well. There are laws out there that provide them the opportunity to work part-time legally for certain hours (every country has its own laws on the working hours’ allocation, requirements, conditions, etc.). The same is the case with Australia, where foreign students are eligible to work along with their studies part-time (according to the implanted laws for them by the Australian government). The big advantage is that international students are provided with a post-study work visa after the completion of their degree programs. Now, there is massive news about Australia’s post-study visa that is set to cheer up the students.

News about Australia’s Post-Study Visa 

The Australian government has made changes to the law of subclass 485. The 485 visa new rules are now going to be implemented from July 2023. The government is extending the Temporary Graduate Work Visa (subclass 485) for more than 400 Bachelor’s and Master’s programs and all PhD (doctorate) programs from July 2023 onward. It means that in post-study work visas issued to international students will now have an extension. This is colossal news for foreign students in all aspects because they will now have more time to stay and work there after their graduation.

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Period of Post-Study Work Visa in Australia after Extension

The government has added two years to the post-study work visa. Now, international students across 400 selected fields (disciplines) will be able to stay in Australia for a further 2 years under the new change in law for post-study work visa rights.

Undergraduate Students: The new rule now allows undergraduates in any of these 400 programs to stay and work in the country for 4 years instead of 2 years (as it is the current period of stay in Australia post studies).

Masters Students: According to the new changes in the law, Master’s students studying within the chosen fields (disciplines) will be able to stay in Australia for 5 years instead of 3 years (which is the present period of their stay in Australia post their studies).

Ph.D. Students: The new law changes provide the chance for Ph.D. graduates in any field (discipline) to stay in Australia for 6 years rather than 4 years (which is the present period before the new law is implemented).

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Occupations and Qualifications Eligible for Post-Study Work Rights Extension

Australian Government’s Department of Education has published the indicative list of the occupations and qualifications that will allow international students to be eligible for the extension of post-study work rights.

Students may check from the list if their fields/disciplines are eligible for the extended post-study work visa. Apart from an extension in post-study work visa, working hours for international students have also been increased from 40 hours to 48 hours per fortnight.

Reason for Extension in Australia’s Post-Study Visa Rights

The extension has been added to the post-study work rights for international students to tackle the shortage of workers in the country. The present skills crisis in Australia focuses on the urgent need to retain more of students.

This extension will surely and certainly provide benefits to international students. It is a good move taken by the Government of Australia to benefit the students studying there or are intended to study in Australia.

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