Lakehead University International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships in Canada with Higher Funding

There are always big benefits in Canada in terms of education. If you are from abroad and would like to study there in Canada, you will find endless opportunities with big names of universities offering you a higher quality of education. Besides, you will find a high standard of living as well. Canada is ranked at third place, according to online reports, in the world for the best quality of life. If you decide to study in Canada and want to get enrolled at the best university besides you are also seeking some kind of funding for your education, then learn the details about Lakehead University International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships. Let’s find out the information now.

Lakehead University International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships – Details

It is now time to take advantage of one of the best Canadian universities offering you not only scholarships but also quality education. The university provides you with financial support so that you can make a good focus on your education by putting your financial worries aside. The available opportunity for international students is international undergraduate entrance scholarships for which you may submit your application provided that you meet the eligibility requirements.

The scholarship is available to top international students applying for the academic year 2024-2025. It is only offered to undergraduate degree programs conducted at the university.

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About Lakehead University (Canada)

With campuses located in Thunder Bay and Orillia, Ontario, Canada, Lakehead University is a renowned public research university. It is a modern and dynamic university that primarily focuses on higher standards of education. If you are seeking scholarships in Canada and want the best university at the same time, Lakehead University appears to be the best option for you.

Eligibility Requirements for Lakehead University International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships

These are entrance scholarships for which you need to meet the requirements to apply for them. International students (non-Canadian citizens) who are entering Lakehead University from a high school, or who are transferring from an overseas (international) university or college will be taken into consideration for these undergraduate entrance scholarships.

Financial Coverage for Lakehead University International Scholarships & Awards

Academic Average

(Canadian Equivalent)

IB Average

Scholarship Amount in CAD4

Scholarship Availability



$40,000 ($10,000 x 4 years)1


80.0% to 89.9%

30 to 34

$30,000 ($7,500 x 4 years)2


75.0% to 79.9%

28 to 29

$6,000 ($6,000 in Year 1 only)3



  1. Renewable will only be provided if a 90% average is obtained in each academic year. If the university academic average of the student falls between 80.0% to 89.9%, an amended scholarship valued at CAD $7500 per year will be offered to the student for each subsequent academic year for the remaining scholarship term.
  2. Renewable will be offered providing that an 80% average is obtained in each academic year.
  3. Non-renewable, one-time scholarship will be offered in year one.
  4. It must be noted that the maximum length (duration) of the scholarship term is 4 academic years or until the first degree is conferred (awarded), whichever happens first. If the students want to be considered eligible for scholarship consideration, they (scholarship recipients) must be entering years one, two, or three of a minimum four-year undergraduate degree program. Those scholarship recipients whose status changes and might be charged domestic fees, they will have their scholarship value re-assessed to equate to the domestic entrance scholarship grid and regulations available at that time.

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Closing Date for Applications

There is no specific deadline for a scholarship application since a separate scholarship application is not required. Therefore, you need to check the admission deadline for your desired eligible degree program.

How to Apply for the Lakehead University International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships

The scholarships are automatically considered, thus, no scholarship application is required. The averages of entrance scholarships will be awarded based on the Canadian equivalent of the applicant’s average used for admission consideration. The offer of a scholarship will be included in the applicant’s letter of acceptance. Visit the official call for more details, the accuracy of the information, updates, and the application process.

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