Israel Government Scholarships for MA, PhD and Post-Doctorate Programs

Ever thought or dreamt of studying in the Middle East? If yes, then you not only can study there but also can be benefited from scholarships(funding) for your education. Isn’t it enticing, is it? Surely, the opportunity is interesting for the ones interested in studying abroad with a student funding facility. There is an opportunity for you to study in Israel that offers scholarships for students wishing to undertake degree programs. If you have developed an interest so far in this opportunity, you may then start processing the applications for MFA Scholarships for international students 2023-2024 in Israel. Let’s find out the details.

Relevant Details about MFA Scholarships for International Students 2023-2024 in Israel

Those, who are interested in availing of this scholarship, should possess an academic degree to apply for an eight-month academic scholarship or a three-week Hebrew/Arabic summer language program scholarship.

The opportunity is funded by the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs. International students who possess an academic degree either BSc or BA and higher can submit their applications for this funding facility.

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Available Programs for MFA Scholarships

Following are programs, for which the applications for scholarships are invited:

You can apply for a full academic year (eight-month from the month of October to June) for a Master of Arts (MA), PhD/Post Doctorate/Overseas and International Program/Special Program.

Applicants can apply for a three-week Hebrew/Arabic language program scholarship over the summer.

Eligibility Criteria for Israel Government Scholarship

  • The applicants need to possess a BA or BSc degree or higher.
  • The academic record of the applicants has to be good.
  • At the start of the academic year, the age of the applicant should be under 35.
  • Only the applicants from these countries are eligible to apply:
  • Austria, Argentina, Belarus, Bulgaria, Belgium, China, Canada (Quebec Province), Croatia, Colombia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Georgia, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Italy, India, Lithuania, Japan, Latvia, Norway, Mexico, Portugal, Poland, Republic of Korea, Romania, Republic of Serbia, Russia, Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Switzerland, Spain, Taiwan, The Netherlands, Ukraine, and Turkey.
  • Israeli citizens are not eligible.
  • After being accepted by an academic institute that is recognized by the Higher Education Council of Israel, the applicants may only receive a scholarship.
  • The applicants are required to meet the English language proficiency set by the institute where they are interested to study or conduct their research.
  • If the applicants are inclined toward studying or conducting their research in Hebrew, they have to meet the set level of Hebrew language competency required by the academic institution where they like to undergo their study or conduct their research.

Note for Applicants: The applicants need to obtain a type (A2) student visa that does not allow them to work in order to prove their eligibility for the scholarship. The visa file can be submitted at the applicant’s local Israeli Embassy or at the Ministry of Interior in Israel.

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Financial Benefits for Successful Students

Those, who are successful, will be provided with the following financial benefits:

For Full 8 Months Academic Year Scholarship:

  • 50% of the applicant’s tuition fees up to a maximum of $6,000
  • They will be offered basic health insurance
  • For one academic year (8 months period), they will be provided with a monthly allowance

For Summer Language:

  • Complete (full) tuition fees
  • Allowance for 3 weeks
  • Dormitories
  • They will also be offered basic health insurance

Required Documents

  • Following are the documents required for this scholarship opportunity.
  • First of all, you need a completed Israeli government scholarships application pack that consists of an application form plus a health form signed and stamped by a medical practitioner who is licensed. The application form needs to be submitted in triplicate – one original and two photocopies.
  • You need to provide a detailed letter showing your field of study, mentioning the name of the institute to which you are going to apply.
  • If applying for an 8-month study scholarship for research or post-doctorate, then you need to submit an acceptance letter issued by an Israeli supervisor. There is also a need for submission of the copies of correspondence exchanged with academic institutes of Israel. On the other hand, if you are going to apply for a research scholarship or post-doctorate you may then submit copies of letters correspondence with the related supervisor.
  • You also have to provide your official original academic records or translated, notarized copies of all related studies and test scores, degree certificates, academic diplomas, and transcripts of your grade records.
  • There is also a need for recommendation letters (two are required) issued by your professors or lecturers whose courses you have participated in.
  • If there are any other relevant documents such as proficiency in the English language (TOEFL, IELTS), GRE and GMAT test results, they are also required.
  • For those intending to study or conduct their research in Hebrew, then any related documents regarding proficiency in the Hebrew language like Ulpan test results are also required
  • Your pictures (3 required)
  • Your resume
  • You are also required to provide original documents or notarized copies. Those documents, which are not in Hebrew or English language, can be submitted with a notarized translation.

Submission of Applications Deadline

The last date for the submission of applications is 31st December 2022.

How to Apply for MFA Scholarships for International Students 2023-2024 in Israel

  • First, you need to contact your local Israeli Consulate or Embassy located in your country of residence (origin). From where you will be able to receive the dates for application submission and detailed information about the selection process of the applicants from your country.
  • Then, you need to print and fill in the Israel government scholarships application pack. Get your health form signed and stamped by a medical practitioner who is licensed.
  • 3 copies of your application form and your health form need to be submitted (the originals and 2 copies). The forms can be filled in by using the computer or you can do it by hand printing in clear capitals.
  • Along with the application pack, you need to attach the relevant documents which are required. The application pack along with the required documents then should be submitted to the Embassy of Israel in your country of residence (origin) no later than 31st December 2022.

You may visit the official website to learn all details.

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