University of Bradford Offers UK Academic Excellence Scholarships

Students, who are seeking the best scholarship opportunities, can now find a wonderful opportunity for their study goals. The scholarship facility is available in the UK and is offered none other than by The University of Bradford. The university offers cash scholarships worth up to £3,000 (for/over the duration of 3 years degree program) to all home students who aptly meet the criteria. If you are interested, you may apply for the University of Bradford UK Academic Excellence Scholarships. Let’s check out the details now.

Relevant Details about the University of Bradford UK Academic Excellence Scholarships

As mentioned above that the home students are eligible for this opportunity who meet the below-mentioned criteria:

  • Applicants who obtain AAA or higher in their A-Levels (or its equivalent).
  • Who are from low participation areas as defined by PLOAR 4 in quintile areas 1 and 2 which are called the lowest participation areas.

Students who are studying in an undergraduate program for more than 3 years will be able to receive funding for the additional years but it is subject to satisfactory progression (that excludes any years they are paying a reduced fee, such as (for instance) when they are on a sandwich year).

The best thing about this opportunity is that there is no limit to the number of scholarships available to students – all students who are fit (eligible) for this opportunity will receive the award.

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Brief Details about the UK Academic Excellence Scholarships

Let’s now find out the details in a brief manner for the understanding of the applicants and for those who want instant information.

Country Name: United Kingdom

University Name: The University of Bradford

Study Level: Undergraduate

Academic Entry Year: 2023-2024

Funding (Financial Benefits): Yes (details are available later in the post)

Closing Date of Applications: 29th September 2023

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Applicable Courses (Fields of Study)

These awards or scholarships are available for undergraduate degrees conducted at the University of Bradford. Thus, all full-time undergraduate courses are applicable.

Eligibility Criteria for the University of Bradford UK Academic Excellence Scholarships

These are among the best UK scholarships. If you really want to be awarded, you need to meet the eligibility standards.

  • All home students who get/obtain AAA or higher in their A-Level examinations or their equivalent (from three Level 3 qualifications only. It should be noted that the university does not consider foundation years as equivalent level qualifications for this opportunity of scholarships). You can find all qualifications and their equivalencies here:

United Kingdom Qualifications

European Union Qualifications

  • Applicants should be from a low participation area as defined by POLAR 4 in quintile areas 1 and 2 which happen to be the lower/lowest participation areas.
  • You need to be aware of the fact that the AAA scholarship is linked to the grades you obtain, it is not at all linked to your offer or your UCAS tariff points.
  • If you possess a combination of three level 3 qualifications that are not listed or if you think your qualification or domicile country is not listed, you may email the university at (to check if you happen to be eligible).
  • Applicants need to be domiciled in the United Kingdom.
  • Those EU nationals who are domiciled in the United Kingdom will be taken into consideration under this scholarship opportunity.
  • Applicants have to be starting their first full-time undergraduate study program in September 2023.
  • Applicants who already have a degree will not be considered for this scholarship.
  • Transfer students (those who transfer to the University of Bradford from another university) will not be eligible for this opportunity unless they transfer into stage 1 of their program i.e., first year or foundation year.

Note: For complete eligibility criteria, you are advised to visit the official webpage (official call).

Associated Financial Benefits

  • There is no doubt that The University of Bradford is among the top universities of the United Kingdom. Thus, if you are chosen for this opportunity, you will get prestige and financial benefits.
  • In your year 1, you will get guaranteed £1,000. Besides, you will receive £1,000 in your subsequent years (subject to progression with an average of 58.00% or above across all modules).
  • Your first-year award will be provided in two equal installments in November and then in April.
  • As far as the awards for the subsequent years, they will be paid in two installments in November and then in April (subject to satisfactory progression at 58.00% or above).

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Closing Date of Applications

The last submission date for this scholarship opportunity is 29th September 2023.

How to Apply for the University of Bradford UK Academic Excellence Scholarships

There is no need to apply for this scholarship, as the students will be assessed for the award (scholarship) automatically shortly after their A-Level results in August 2023. If you have achieved the grades, then you are good to go. Successful students will be notified for the scholarship by the end of October 2023. Visit the official webpage (official call) to learn all details.

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