UNESCO Internship Program (Interns Required) for Communication and Information Sector

There is absolutely no doubt that internships are sought massively all over the world. Particularly students from around the world are much inclined towards gaining them since they improve their skills and provide the students with experience in the workplace, etc. An internship program, no matter paid or unpaid, also endows the students or the interns with a chance to socialize and make contacts in the industry, academia, and related circles. This opportunity always appears to be the best in all aspects. United Nations internships are much popular among students and individuals around the world. This is the reason, whenever it is announced, the opportunity is taken very curiously. Now UNESCO Internship Program has now been announced. If you are interested, you may submit the application for it.

Relevant Description of the UNESCO Internship Program

The full form of UNESCO is The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization which is a specialized agency of the UN that works to promote world security and peace through international cooperation in arts, education, sciences, and culture.  UNESCO seeks applications for internships. The eligible candidates may submit applications for this opportunity.

The interns will be laced with the opportunity to learn and support the whole work of the sector’s mission. The activities of the interns will vary and depend upon the requirements of the interns’ assignments. The selected interns will also be entitled to 2.5 years of leave monthly during the time of their internship.

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Activities/Responsibilities of the Interns

The successful interns for the UNESCO Internship will be required to do the following:

  • Program and Project Support
  • Research and Knowledge Management
  • Partnerships
  • Operations Support

Note: Interested applicants are advised to check the complete details of the above-mentioned activities on the official website before making any decision to apply for this internship.

Learning Objectives for UNESCO Internship

The UNESCO program (internship) will provide learning objectives to the interns mentioned as under:

  • They will understand the approach to developing and managing communication and information projects and understand multilateral procedures.
  • Carrying out data analysis since it relates to communication and information.
  • They will design policy briefs by using various approaches including tools like group discussions, case studies, individual reflection, and facilitator input.
  • They will understand international project management via learning-by-doing approaches.
  • They will develop domain knowledge in the field of communication and information projects.
  • The interns will also be able to develop soft skills like problem-solving skills, stakeholder management, work ethics, and interpersonal skills.

Note: There are numerous other objectives also, the interns will be getting while the internship lasts. Thus, you are advised to go through all the details on the official website.

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Eligibility Requirements

  • The minimum age required is 20 years.
  • By the time, you submit the application, you should be presently enrolled in a graduate program (Master’s degree, Ph.D. program or equivalent, second university degree or higher).
  • You have obtained a Master’s degree or Ph.D. degree (or you hold a second degree as mentioned above) 12 months before the beginning of the internship program.
  • The applicants who have earned a full-time bachelor’s degree but are not enrolled in a graduate program are not eligible to submit the applications.
  • Those candidates, who are in secretarial/assistant or professional/technical assignments, have to be enrolled in a secretarial school or in a specialized professional/technical institution, and they must have reached the last year of their study programs, or they have lately graduated (within last one year) from their institution or school.
  • The candidates need to be proficient in English or French language (both in writing and speaking). Their working knowledge of other languages such as French or English will be considered an asset.
  • They need to have exceptional knowledge of computer systems and must have a grip on office-relevant software.
  • The applicant should be a team player.
  • The applicant should also possess strong communication and interpersonal skills.

Deadline for Applications Submission

The last date for the submission of applications is 30th June 2023.

How to Apply for UNESCO Internship Program

Interested candidates are advised to visit the official website and learn all the details very carefully, and then submit the applications following the procedure.

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