Erasmus+ Internships Offered in Greece – Plenty of Internships Available in Various Fields for Successful Careers

Are you searching for internships in Europe? If you are looking for the best career-making and career-enhancing internship opportunities abroad, there are marvelous and attention-grabbing internships available for you to apply for. Startup Greece is pleased to announce numerous beneficial and attractive career opportunities for enthusiastic and passionate individuals. These are available in Greece (Europe). Let’s now find out complete details about the Erasmus+ Internships in Greece offered by Startup Greece.

Relevant Details Regarding Erasmus+ Internships in Greece (Offered by Startup Greece) 

These Erasmus+ Internships are offered in Greece and available in various capacities at Startup Greece. These are being offered by the company in a number of fields. You may go through the official webpage and check out which suits you and your career goals the best. The available positions appear to be the best opportunities for internships.

If you find a true fit for your needs and requirements, you should then fill out the application form available on the Startup Greece website.

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Duration, Location, and Period of Startup Greece Internship Program

The general duration of these internships is 6 months (actual duration may vary from internship to internship). The minimum duration of the internship offered at Startup Greece is 3 months.

The internships will be offered in Tripoli, Peloponnese (Greece). These are full-time positions. As far as the period for these internships is concerned, it will be from 21st December 2023 to 21st June 2024.

About Startup Greece

A non-profit organization, Startup Greece is dedicated and committed to promoting, connecting, and developing (advancing) entrepreneurship for Greeks in the technology industry (tech industry). The organization enables young interns from abroad to share their experiences increasing cross-border networking and cooperation.

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Open Internship Opportunities at Startup Greece

The following are open internship positions available at Startup Greece. You may choose among them for your career moves and goals.

Backend Developer – Being a Backend Developer intern in close collaboration with the Founderhood Platform at Startup Greece, you will define, make implementations, and manage both internal and project-facing systems.

Administrative Assistant – This is really an interesting and beneficial position. Being an Administrative Assistant at Startup Greece, the interns will be responsible for various tasks to be done at Startup Greece’s departments such as handling general projects, office operations, etc.

Copywriter – At Startup Greece, as a Copywriter the interns will be assigned to create several forms of written text, media, and documents for the company and its projects.

Junior Digital Marketing Manager – A Digital Marketing Intern will need to implement the company’s digital marketing strategy successfully such as developing and implementing novel (unique) digital marketing and sales plans, etc.).

Innovation Manager – at Startup Greece, an Innovation Manager intern will enact a central role in driving creative ideation, managing projects, and fostering a culture of innovation to bring highly advanced (cutting edge) solutions to life.

Junior HR Manager – Human Resources Intern will get the tasks of doing a comprehensive recruitment procedure of volunteers and other interns.

Journalist – This is a really interesting position as the journalist intern at Startup Greece will be appointed to present the text and visual content regarding startup’s news across the world on a regular basis.

Innovation Researcher – In collaboration with the Founderhood platform, as an Innovation Researcher at Startup Greece, you will be required to research market dynamics and emerging trends to drive innovation (uniqueness) in the startup ecosystem.

Junior Operation Manager – The Junior Operation Manager interns will be responsible for bringing the company’s vision into reality.

PR Manager – This is another challenging and very interesting position. Being a PR Manager intern at Startup Greece, your job will consist of building relationships with the media whilst you keep looking for more ways to boost and enhance the image of the organization.

Junior Proposal Writer (EU Funding Instruments) – The duties of the Junior Proposal Writer will be focusing on EU Funding Instruments at Startup Greece. As an intern, you will assist in crafting proposals and grant applications to get funding for innovative initiatives and projects.

Social Media Manager – Startup Greece offers a Social Media Manager intern position that requires interns to manage their social media platforms by creating original video content and text, responding to followers, and managing posts.

Sales Development Representative (SDR) – As an intern in collaboration with the Founderhood platform at Startup Greece, you will get the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience in lead generation, prospecting, and building crucial connections to support the growth (development) of the organization’s sales pipeline.

Video Producer – To create and assemble together all video content of Startup Greece, Video Producer Interns are required.

Software Developer – Front-End Software Developer intern in collaboration with the Founderhood platform will develop new user-facing features.

Web Designer – In collaboration with the Founderhood platform at Startup Greece, the Web Designer Intern will be responsible for all kinds of aspects of creating and designing their websites.

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Basic Eligibility for Erasmus+ Internships in Greece Available at Startup Greece

The basic eligibility criteria for these internships are the following:

  • Interns should presently be enrolled at a university (whether in Bachelor’s or Master’s), or
  • They have finished their degree within the last year.
  • There is no experience required to apply for these positions.

Deadline to Submit the Applications

To apply for these Erasmus+ Internships in Greece which are offered by Startup Greece is 1st December 2023.

How to Apply for Erasmus+ Internships in Greece

The minimum time period for these internships is three months. But often the interns stay between three to six months. If you are taken onboard, you will need to bring your own laptop. Startup Greece helps the interns find accommodation. To learn all the details, you should visit the official call. If you are interested in any of the above-mentioned positions, you are required to fill out the official form.

Note: Only the applications submitted on the official form will be taken into consideration.

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