Fully Funded Ph.D. Positions for International Students in Germany at Max Planck Graduate Center for Quantum Materials

Germany undoubtedly attracts the students to get their higher study there and the ones who would like to make their careers there, they too find it the best place to move and start working there. So, here are the best fully funded PhD positions for the highly motivated students to be done at Max Planck Graduate Center for Quantum Materials. Fasten your belts to make your applications for these wonderful and fruitful opportunities.

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Job Description for These Fully Funded PhD Positions

For these positions, the candidates need to fulfill the job description described by the authorities. The administration at Max Planck Society seeks the students from the field of quantum materials and they would like to have the students onboard who are highly motivated in the relevant fields such as chemistry, physics and material sciences. The students, who are chosen, will pursue the research projects at the graduate center which push the frontiers of the field of quantum materials and they will benefit from close collaboration with world-leading experts at all participating institutions.

The center offers the English language curriculum consisting of lecture courses, a training program in complementary skills in addition to summer and winter schools coupled with prominent international partner institutions.

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Selection Procedure

The selection procedure is competitive and tough – only the exceptional students will be fetched on board. The process will be based on academic performance, Skype and on-site interviews (only for short-listed candidates) and recommendation letters provided by the students.

Which Countries are Eligible?

Max Planck Graduate Center for Quantum Materials is an equal opportunity provider and gives opportunities to all nationalities meaning that everyone from every corner of the world can apply to these fully funded PhD positions. The working language at the center will be entirely English.

Requirements for the Fully Funded PhD Positions

The candidates need to be outstanding in the fields such as chemistry, physics, material sciences or any relevant. The education has to be BSc (4 or 5 years of study) and MSc in Chemistry, Physics, Material Science or any relevant. He or she should have some experience in research on quantum materials.

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Financial Benefits

As per the German public sector rules and regulations, the accepted students will receive financial benefits to support themselves in the form of stipends or working contracts.

Job Details for These PhD Positions

Title of the Job: Fully funded Ph.D. positions for highly motivated students at the Max Planck Graduate Center for Quantum Materials

Employer Name: Max Planck Graduate Center for Quantum Materials

Location: Heisenbergstr. 1, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany, 70569 Stuttgart

Type of Job: PhD (Doctorate)

Fields or Areas of Research: Optics, Electromagnetism, Thermodynamics, Experimental Physics, Materials, Nanotechnology, Catalysis, Electrochemistry, Mathematical Chemistry and 28 others.

Deadline for Applications

The deadline for applications for these fully funded PhD positions is 15th December 2020. But it is advisable to apply well before time.

Start of Next Term

The beginning of next term is 1st September 2021.

Contact the Management in Case of Queries

The students might contact the management in case of any information required or for any related queries. Prof. B. Keimer is the speaker and Dr. Z. Gattin is the coordinator whom the students can write or contact for their questions. The management is located in Stuttgart at the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Heisenbergstr. 1, 70569 Stuttgart in Germany. They can be reachable at info@quantummaterials.mpg.de

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How to Apply for Fully Funded PhD Positions

The application procedure is simple and online. The submission is done via the web interface. The applications are warmly welcome for the autumn term 2021. For more details, the students should visit their website at https://www.quantummaterials.mpg.de

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